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DC does the right thing... Will Marvel?

Bleeding Cool reports that, to avoid confusion with BeActive entertainment's multimedia sci-fi property Collider (which. coincidentally, I also did some work on early last year), DC/Vertigo has changed the name of its new sci-fi comic Collider to Federal Bureau of Physics from #2.

Go precedent!

Meanwhile, I'm still waiting for a reply from Marvel to my letter about Agents of TIME, which got to their New York offices at the end of last month.

Watch this space for more details. Meanwhile, I'll have a fresh batch of the original minicomics for sale at Carlisle Megacon this Saturday. Get em while they're hot!!


Do You Remember the First T.I.M.E.

I've had to write to Marvel.


It's not that I think Mark Waid, a writer I respect and whose work I enjoy, has any intention or need to rip me off. I'm sure he was unaware of my prior use of the title, just as I was unaware of Mathew Jonson's until I googled it up last night.

Nor am I claiming that the idea of a government agency policing the flow of history is entirely without precedent: that goes back at least to Poul Anderson's Time Patrol, and has been widely imitated. Indeed, the Marvel Universe already has its own Time Variance Authority.

The fact remains, however, that I was the first to use "Agents of T.I.M.E." as a comic strip title, in a context that seems prima facie broadly similar to what Mark and Marvel are now planning, albeit minus the Hulk. And let's just say the "House of Ideas" has form when it comes to grabbing the titles of extant properties and then restricting the original owner's use thereof.

A case in point. And that was before they were bought by Disney.

So if I want to retain the right to exploit the Agents of T.I.M.E. mark further, I have to put Marvel on notice now before they get too attached to their version.  

Nothing personal, guys, but I was here first. Step off.