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Where I Have Been. What I Have Been Doing.

It's been an interesting summer.

The Glasgow Comic Festival went very well, and Burke & Hare won two of the inaugural Scottish Independent Comicbook Awards (Best Writer and Best Graphic Novel). I did my first convention panels, alongside the likes of David Lloyd, Jon Haward and Frank Plowright, and the whole thing ended up with a rather marvellous party and the artistic desecration of some game young ladies' alabaster epidermes. Only the following morning did anyone sober up enough to think that maybe water-based ink, rather than Sharpie marker, might have been a kinder medium for that...

The con's organisers are also behind Black Hearted Press, a new comics publisher with several titles on the slate. Black Maria and Laptop Guy have had debut issues out already, and School of the Damned #1 is back from the printers and ready to ship. Next up after that, though, is Black Hearted Love, a romance anthology with a twist for which I've drawn a couple of pages - more info on release dates when I have it.

I landed some work as an extra on World War Z, about which all I'm allowed to say is that it involved a lot of running. Really, a lot. It's a good job I've lost weight this year, because six months ago I wouldn't have made it through the first day. Great fun though. The film comes out in December 2012, just in time for no-one to see it because the world's ended.

The same day as my costume fitting for that, I attended the crew screening of another movie I'm in: Electric Man, a low-budget heist comedy about comic collectors in Edinburgh. A whole bunch of Scottish comics people appear as background, mostly in the convention scene, although Gaf Austin of Deadhead Comics has the best cameo of all.

Bad news: Wasted magazine has gone onto an online-only hiatus for what appear to mostly financial reasons, so it looks unlikely I'll be drawing any more any more of Alan Grant's It Came From Outer... Spaced! any time soon. SICBA Best Artist Alex Ronald's Vampire Vixens of the Wehrmacht is also temporarily homeless, but I gather he has plans afoot for it.

These things happen, as we know. The good news: Burke & Hare has a new publisher! The first edition will continue to be available in the UK direct from the website while stocks last, but Gary Reed, formerly of Caliber Press, is now handling international orders through his Transfuzion imprint - the new edition appears in this month's Diamond Previews under order code SEP11 1245 for distribution in November. Gary also published Martin's and my first collaboration, an issue of the spooky-detective series Raven Chronicles, more years ago than I care to consider, and it's a pleasure to be working with him again. The new front cover is once again by the redoubtable Rian Hughes, and looks (of course) great. If we're very lucky we might have a few collector's-item import copies for sale at Thought Bubble, but it depends on the timing.

Right now I'm juggling half a dozen projects at once, and looking forward to 24 Hour Comic Day at the end of the month. Life is pretty good.