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It's Back!

The SOMETHING FAST COLLECTED EDITION is back in stock - it just arrived from the printers. Huzzah! I'll have copies with me at the Glasgow Comic Con on Saturday, priced at a tenner so I don't have to faff about with change - or you can purchase it direct from the link in the sidebar here at cover price.

184 pages of snappy dialogue, over-the-top action, weirdass conspiracy theories and psychic hoodoo; plus of course my usual impeccable period detail based on extensive research - I was in the nineties for ten years, how's that for dedication? All digitally remastered, as they used to say in the Old Times.

"Something Fast was the first small press comic I ever read. I remember reading it back in the day and thinking "I wanna do this"… It was pure genius."
– Jim (Ganjaman) Stewart

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