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Talking About Comics at the Glasgow Film Festival


Mark Millar is the best-selling author of Kick-Ass, Wanted, The Ultimates and more. After a few early flops, he reinvigorated his career in the 199os with a period as kid sidekick to the mighty Grant Morrison, before going on to eclipse his mentor with a less cerebral, more populist style of writing that left fewer readers scratching their heads in confusion and so lent itself readily to translation for the big screen. A master self-publicist as well as an unstoppable character factory, he probably has a stronger claim than anyone to being the Stan Lee of the 21st Century.


Frank Quitely is the artist of The Greens, WE3, Flex Mentallo, and well-regarded runs on New X-Men and Batman and Robin, amongst other things. By his own admission not the most punctual scribbler in the business, with a tendency to overthink composition at the expense of actually drawing (hmm, sounds familiar), he keeps getting work anyway because he's just so damn good.


Mika Stoyanova is an American academic working with the concept of heterotopia, or playspace, and the ways in which people - particularly gamers - interact with fictional worlds. One of her themes is that postmodern critical theorists have underestimated the interactivity of traditional artforms, and that narrative media such as comics and film offer a route to rediscovering the transformative rather than purely decorative role of art in human personal development.

All sketches drawn at A7 size with 0.2mm Unipin fineliner, February 2011.

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