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Tuesday Doodles

Maybe it's a bit sick of me, but upon hearing that Michael Moorcock is contemplating having a foot amputated, my initial reaction of sympathy was soon brutally shoved aside by recollection of his 1975 short story The Stone Thing, and its prosthetically-enhanced hero Catharz:

Never play with HeroMachine drunk.

Just kidding, it's actually an ink sketch with (very rough) digital colour. I did have a couple of tries at the best configuration for a nine-fingered hand before settling on the two-thumbed version in the finished piece:

UPDATE: Someone called David Mosley writes,
Hi, just to confirm, all Mike is having amputated tomorrow (Thursday Jan 13th) is the remaining couple of toes on the infected foot. There's currently no plans to amputate the foot (or leg as some blogs are reporting). It's hoped that removing the toes now will mean Mike won't lose the foot later - as long as his post-operative after-care is done properly this time. (Previous shoddy after-care in the US is the reason why he's facing the current round of surgery.)
Moorcock's website, www.multiverse.org, is currently redirecting to random travel sites, so I don't really know any of the background here, but best wishes to the great man anyway.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, his Doctor Who novel is pretty good.

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