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Notes Without A Theme

The Scotsman newspaper devotes nearly a whole page to Burke & Hare today. Online here.

My mother was well chuffed to see her boy's name in the paper – and on her birthday too! – and spent the morning texting all her pals about it, until she got a call back and realised she'd sent the message somewhere she hadn't intended to. Readers of my old Pickering's Corner blog will know why she had the local police Incident Reporting number on her mobile in the first place... Oops.

Meanwhile, the printer I was looking forward to using took advantage of the Christmas break to move premises, take on extra staff – and oh look, now they're putting their prices up. I should have known it was too good to last. What recession?

Creative work is on hold at the moment anyway, while I get my house ready for a council-mandated refurbishment. I sense I'm going to end up drawing in pubs for a while, but right now I'm dismantling bookcases, packing stuff into boxes... It all seems strangely familiar...

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  1. Well there are worse things in life than drawing in pubs. Congrats on the article!