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De Profundis

I was going to do a second series of Santa Claus Comics Daily this year, but as things have turned out I've got more on my plate than is really compatible with spending the necessary time on it. A couple of hard copies of the original run are now circulating, though: these are home printed on a strictly limited basis, so if you see one it's because I've singled you out for the privilege.

HM Government permitting, I'm likely to be doing some larger-scale self-publishing again soon, having stumbled quite by chance on a UK-based printer whose prices actually make it viable. Santa Claus #1 was briefly slated for the full treatment, but it's a bit late in the year now to start the ball rolling with something I'd have to turn round and sell out of before Christmas. The numbers are looking promising for other projects though, so expect further developments in the New Year.

Onwards and upwards at last...