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Release the Books!

Copies of BURKE & HARE have begun to appear in the wild (pic at right courtesy of Professor Marto) - I saw the finished product for the first time last night, and I'm pretty chuffed with it. Kudos to all involved with the presentation and packaging - for an old small-press bod like me, having someone else handle the business side of a project like this is very much an appreciated luxury.

The first Amazon orders have already shipped, and initial feedback is good. It should be in book and comic shops from next week sometime, and the whole production gang will be at the Birmingham International Comic Show this coming weekend - where the first twenty copies sold will come with a free promotional poster by – *gasp* – superstar artist Frank "The Greens" Quitely!

Following that, Martin Conaghan will be talking about the book at Motherwell Library on Tuesday morning, and Wishaw Library on Tuesday afternoon – I'm probably going to miss these due to other commitments, but I'm sure the star of Radio Scotland's sports desk can rabbit on well enough for both of us.

Further events to be announced.

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